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Sustainable recruitment and placement of trainees for your skilled crafts business

Filling The Skills Gap

Building A Skilled Workforce for Tomorrow

Despite the increasing number of apprenticeships in the skilled trades, many apprenticeships remain unfilled. This is due, among other things, to a lack of applicants and a lack of interest in training in the skilled trades. In view of the demographic change in the skilled trades, especially in the climate-relevant professions are important in order to secure the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

International Talent Acquisition

Unlocking Motivated Apprentices

Through our own language schools in the countries: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia and India, Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH, wins people who are very interested in a dual craft training in Germany.

These applicants show a high degree of intrinsic motivation and commitment, which are crucial for a successful and sustainable placement.









Securing Future Skilled Labor

Meeting the Challenge of Workforce Sustainability

Our ambition at Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH is to actively contribute to the solution of the demanding challenge of securing future skilled labor in the German skilled trades.

Targeted Acquisition

Organized by our local offices (TPS Language & Success Center) in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia and India, our recruitment team regularly organizes events on the topic of "Training, Working and Living in Germany" in order to specifically recruit applicants who are of interest to the skilled trades companies. We then interview the applicants, check the necessary prerequisites of the potential trainees, conduct expectation management and complete all the necessary documents required for a successful placement.

Ready Personnel

Language Instruction

As a next step, we initiate German language classes at our local TPS Language & Success Centers for our applicants. Our experienced language teachers prepare all participants to reach the target language level B2. This ensures that they not only pass the TELC/GOETHE/ÖSD/ECL exams, but can actually communicate at the required language level. In addition to this, the candidates deal independently with the topic of "technical language".

Job Interviews Between Clients & Applicants

While the applicant is still in B1 language classes, we give our customers and the potential trainees the opportunity to get to know each other in an online interview. Of course, the customer always has the opportunity to meet the applicant directly in his or her home country. For this purpose, we invite our customers for the corresponding "applicant rounds".

Support in Administration & Bureaucracy

After the successful interview follows the training contract for the apprentice at one of our customers. Furthermore, we support the companies in the registration process of the apprentice and all other necessary steps.

Our Commitment to Every Applicant

All qualification measures are free of charge for our trainees: such as language training up to level B2 in German, travel to the company and application for a work visa. We are the contact for our applicants and customers for any questions and challenges, even long after the start of the employment contract. Once in Germany, our work is far from over. Our relocation team on site provides support to facilitate the professional and social entry. During the probationary period and beyond, we are a trustworthy contact and try to find a solution together for all challenges.

Win-Win for Everyone

Access to highly motivated foreign apprentices for the German skilled trades remains a significant challenge.

One of the main reasons for the resulting shortage of skilled workers is insufficient applications for the apprenticeship position. At Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH, we strive to do our part to close this gap in order to provide our clients with the skilled workers they urgently need and to help our applicants realize their dream of training and living in Germany.

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