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About TPS

Mission Statement – Skilled Workforce For Germany

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH deals with labor recruitment, specialized in transferring skilled medical and other workforce to Germany from EU and non-EU countries. The competence of our company is ensured by the many years of professional experience of the experts in our management, which makes TPS a flexible and reliable partner with transparent operations.

What We Do

Our Services

Targeted Search, Recruiting

We maintain local TPS offices in Albania, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, where our staff recruit on our regular TPS public events called ‘Work And Live In Germany’, and maintain our database. During the personal interview, we check and manage the complete documentation of the applicant.

Language Education

We provide German-language education in our local TPS Language and Sucess Centers, and a special online language education system for those applicants without a compulsory language exam, to guarantee a faster success in reaching the required level.

Dedicated Client + Applicant Meeting Events

Upon passing the B2 language exam, we provide an opportunity for the Client and the Applicant to meet. This important phase is strongly recommended.

Administration/Relocation Support

We undertake all the paperwork and administration tasks related to the relocation, like dealing with or visiting the authorities, maintaining approval procedures, accommodation, etc. We continue to take care of our applicants following the job placement: we support them in further tasks to guarantee a satisfying work relationship for both the Client and Applicant.

Fair Commission System, Transparent Contractual Environment

To build trust, we do not have hidden costs or terms in the contracts or any kind of withheld information. The contracting parties are provided with transparent administration and are aware of all the details concerning the administration and the paperwork.

Win-Win for All

The free movement of skilled workforce to Germany is currently unresolved, causing a labor shortage in different sectors. The main reasons for this are inadequate professional and language skills. TPS is committed to filling this gap and providing an adequate workforce for its clients.

How We Do

What We Provide To Companies & Applicants

We are proud to offer our progressive and powerful organizational structure. We believe that our flexible and professional team provide a service that offers an alternative to the major workforce problems of companies in Germany.


We offer you tailor-made solutions to alleviate your workforce problems. Our services include the following elements:

  • Accurate selection of candidates based on your preferences
  • Review and prepare of complete documentation
  • Translation and authentication of all documents
  • Quality German language education in our own language schools and our online education system
  • Opportunity to interview the applicants in their home country
  • Visa administration
  • Applicant relocation support: legal administration, recognition (if necessary), residence permits, bank accounts, health insurance, accommodation, etc.
  • Applicant integration support: for new employees and after the probation period to provide a smooth integration and start in workplace and private matters
  • Fair and transparent contractual environment to all parties

In this case, we basically seek for the right person in two main ways.

1. Direct Search

Allows accurate search. If the position is particularly important, where the level of added value and special expectations is high, we recommend this. In such cases, we conduct targeted market research, but this research can also be diverse, depending on the position in question. In most cases, we use multiple methods at once: ads, databases, targeted searches on the right channels. For example, a combination of direct search, network, and well-targeted offline advertising usually work for featured positions.

2. Our Network

With our existing database, well-organized foreign recruitment teams, and professional expertise, we can quickly offer solutions on this path. Our team is constantly following the changes on an international level, constantly researching the market, so we can offer up-to-date solutions and suggestions – we consider this to be especially important, as perhaps the most important feature of today’s world is that it is changing rapidly.

Most Popular Search Areas

  • Healthcare
  • Sales / Trade
  • Finance / Accountancy
  • Supply / Logistics
  • Management
  • Marketing / PR
  • Manufacture / Production / IT
  • HR / labor


We offer our applicants a full range of career opportunities. The related services we provide are free of charge; applicants only have to cover third-party costs such as official translation of documents, or travel expenses. German Language education in our own language schools and the online language education are completely free of charge.

If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a comparable completed apprenticeship in your home in the following professional fields and would like a new career in Germany, please apply as:

  • Qualified Nurse
  • Medical / Technical Staff: MTRA / MTLA / MFA / MTA
  • Skilled workers from all professions

Our Services Include…

  • Career assessment consultation with our local recruiting team or via Skype with our headquarter in Berlin
  • Review of neccessary documents
  • Translation and authentication of all required documents (third-party costs)
  • German language course in our language schools and online language education system (free of charge)
  • Interviews with potential employers on Site or on Skype
  • Employment contract directly from the employer
  • Visa administration
  • Starting recognition process in Germany by the employer or TPS
  • Organisation of the trip to Germany (third-party costs)
  • Relocation support: presentation to the employer, dealing with authorities, residence permits, opening bank accounts, health insurance, accommodation, etc.
  • Support during the probation period and beyond, in connection with all questions and problems that arise

We welcome your application, please click here to write us or contact your local TPS office.

Below we would like to give advice to anyone who wants to send a proper CV. Please note, that by following the below guidelines you will greatly increase your chances in the job market and also make our job easier:

A CV should be 2-3 pages long and include a photo. Well-structured, concise wording is important in order to draw the reader’s attention to the point at once.

There are several types of CV’s, you are free to use any of them:

Traditional: written in a narrative style, thus not transparent to the reader. Not recommended.

US style: informative, organized for the reader, clear. Going back in time, indicate your studies, work experience, results.

Functional: the emphasis is on capabilities and achievements. It functionally contains the information. Recommended for career changes.

Europass type: a template that makes it easy to write a CV. It consists of eight points, which can be partially or completely deleted or expanded as follows:

  • Personal data
  • Job, occupation you want to fill
  • Professional experience
  • Studies
  • Language skills
  • Individual skills and competencies
  • Additional information (eg references)
  • Attachments

Please Note

  • Use a valid email address of your own name
  • Do not use reverse chronology (your latest jobs should be on top)
  • Remember to indicate the years and time spent in the different positions to build confidence
  • Pay attention to the spelling
  • Use ID picture instead of family or other leisure-related photos

If you need further assistance in writing a proper CV, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Let us give you a few tips for your job interview:

  • Never be late – better to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier
  • Know the name and title of your interviewer
  • Your clothing should be rather elegant; avoid jeans, casual wear and do not appear with a big bag
  • A well-groomed look is a key
  • Be prepared relevant information of the company you visit from the social media
  • Follow up body language and eye contact
  • Focus on giving structured, logically structured and accurate answers
  • It’s a good idea to model your answers at home before the interview and practice them

There are typical questions in an interview. These usually are related to career goals, motivations, successes, failures, relationships with colleagues, marital status, experience, general awareness, training, and payment needs. In case the advertised position requires language skills, the interview is usually held in the actual foreign language. Candidates are often put in a situation with a question like ‘what would you do in that situation?’.

If you need further assistance in preparing for your interview, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Our Infrastructure

TPS with its local offices, professional recruitment teams, and own language education schools currently in Albania, Ukraine, Turkey, and Hungary supports those who want to live and work in Germany by taking over the preparation for the complete German administrative procedures including language education necessary for professional recognition.

Andreas Hauser, Managing Director

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