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  • You will receive suggestions for suitable professionals within 30 days.
  • You select the candidates suitable for your facilities.
  • We fill your vacancy within 6 months.
International Recruiting and Placement
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Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH

We firmly believe that the path to progress lies in actively being part of the solution. That’s why we work every day to create a holistic solution for you and our applicants. From selecting the right candidates to integrating them into your team. We specialize in recruiting highly qualified nurses and trainees for the care sector, as we want to play our part in alleviating the shortage of skilled workers. Our focus is on connecting professionals from preferably non-EU countries (third countries) with healthcare and nursing facilities in Germany that are looking for qualified professionals.

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International Nursing Recruitment

We focus on hiring nursing professionals from diverse countries, including Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and India. Through our language schools abroad, we ensure our nursing staff attains a B2 language proficiency before joining our teams in Germany.

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Empowering Futures, Building Careers

Established in 2020, Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH, based in Berlin, leads the way with vast expertise. Specializing in job placement, healthcare, and education, we've achieved success while upholding our values. Committed to global standards, TPS GmbH paves the path for success in an ever-evolving world.

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Win-Win for Everyone

Addressing the shortage of skilled workers in the German job market, we strive to connect clients with qualified foreign professionals. Our mission is to overcome challenges by helping applicants achieve their dream of working and living in Germany, fostering a win-win scenario for all involved.

Are you looking for nurses?


You will receive suggestions for suitable professionals within 30 days. You choose, and we fill your vacancy within 6 months.

Recruitment and Placement of Specialist Personnel for Health and Care Facilities

Learn more about our customized solution approaches for the healthcare and nursing sector, which are individually tailored to the needs of our clients. We optimize the process and ensure a smooth recruitment experience and successful integration into your healthcare team.

  • Nursing Professionals (PFK) with and without recognition
  • Anesthesia Technical Assistants (ATA)
  • Surgical Technical Assistants (OTA)
  • Medical Technical Radiology Assistants (MTRA)
  • Training: Nursing Assistants
  • Training: Nursing Professionals (male/female)

10 Reasons to Welcome International Nurses & Trainees

  • Dynamic Team Players Foreign employees bring energy and courage to make their mark in a new country.
  • Filling Key Roles They fill crucial positions where finding suitable German staff is a challenge.
  • Valuable Skills and Diversity International hires bring essential skills, abilities, and often speak multiple languages.
  • Committed Future Builders Motivated to create a new future in Germany, these employees are committed and dedicated.
  • Cultural Enrichment Embracing diversity enriches your company's culture and fosters varied perspectives.
  • Global Image Boost Hiring from abroad enhances your company's image as open-minded and global.
  • Innovative Problem Solvers Foreign employees bring fresh ideas and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Market Insight Diverse backgrounds provide valuable insights for global expansion strategies.
  • Language Proficiency Native language skills contribute to effective communication in diverse settings.
  • Inclusive Workplace Welcoming international talent creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.
internationale Pflegekräfte und Auszubildende

Partner with Us for Nursing Recruitment and Integration

Are you looking for regular nursing staff? We are here to help you attract qualified and reliable nursing professionals and trainees.

Assistance for Nursing Career in Germany

Discover exciting opportunities to work in the German healthcare sector. Whether you’re a skilled nursing professional or a trainee, we provide the guidance and support you for a successful and fulfilling nursing career in Germany.
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Stable Employment

With the continuous growth of the German health market and an increasing demand for care professionals, the workplace remains secure and is unaffected by economic fluctuations.

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Employer-Supported Education

Employers in Germany actively support (state-recognized) further education and training, providing professional opportunities for career advancement.

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Salary & Social Benefits

Nursing professionals enjoy an average monthly salary of 2,800€ (gross), with additional surcharges and a variety of employee benefits provided by employers.

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Family Support & Integration

Experience family support with the possibility of reunification. Additionally, your partner receives a work permit in Germany, fostering a smooth integration process.

Explore Nursing Job Opportunities in German Healthcare

Are you a nursing professional or trainee seeking new opportunities in Germany? Discover the possibilities and find your ideal role in the German healthcare sector. Our platform connects you with rewarding job opportunities, language support, and a seamless integration process.

Our Proven Recruitment and Placement Process

We specialize in finding qualified professionals, especially in the healthcare sector, for you to ensure that they are a perfect fit for your team. We offer language training for the B2 exam, arrange interviews, take care of administrative tasks, and navigate bureaucratic processes to find smooth and successful solutions to challenges in the international recruiting process.

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Kristan Dietrich

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Targeted Acquisition

Our local teams (TPS Language & Success Center) in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and India regularly organize events on the topic of "Living and Working in Germany" in order to attract suitable candidates. We vermitteln:

  • Nursing Professionals (PFK) with and without recognition
  • Anesthesia Technical Assistants (ATA)
  • Surgical Technical Assistants (OTA)
  • Medical Technical Radiology Assistants (MTRA)
  • Training: Nursing Assistants
  • Training: Nursing Professionals (male/female)

In the subsequent interviews, interested parties can tell us their wishes regarding the federal state and preferred activities. Then we check and complete all the necessary documents required for a successful cooperation and subsequent placement.

Language Instruction

Next, our applicants will begin their free German language training* at our local TPS Language & Success Centers. Our experienced language teachers prepare all participants to reach the desired language level B2. This ensures that they can pass the exams at TELC/GOETHE/ÖSD/ECL and also actually communicate at the required language level. We also focus on technical language, which we believe is essential in the nursing sector in Germany.

*applies only to medical personnel to be placed

Job Interviews between Clients and Applicants

While the applicants are still in B1 language training, we enable them and our clients to exchange ideas in an online interview. Of course, the client also always has the option of getting to know the applicants directly in their home country.

Administrative Support

After the successful interview, the employment contract follows. In the case of nurses in recognition, we also organize the preparation course for the specialist knowledge test in the respective federal state of the sponsor with our cooperating nursing schools (if desired), whereby the costs can be covered by the education voucher.

Our Commitment to Every Applicant

Our mission is to support our clients on their journey to hiring professionally excellent and linguistically highly qualified nursing staff and to enable our applicants to realize their dream of living and working in Germany.

Win-Win for Everyone

The provision of qualified foreign professionals for the German job market continues to be a significant challenge. The main reasons for the resulting shortage of skilled workers are largely inadequate professional qualifications and the required language skills. Our mission is to contribute our part in closing this gap, by connecting our clients with the much-needed skilled professionals and helping our applicants fulfill their dream of working and living in Germany.

Living and Working in Germany

Guidance and decision support for internationally recruited nurses.

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What We Value

Our Mission and Values

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH, founded in Berlin in 2020, focuses on human resources consulting and education in the healthcare sector. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to solving the shortage of nursing staff in Germany. Our mission is to support and accompany both our applicants and our clients as partners through individually tailored solutions and a fair, transparent recruitment process.

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With our own branches and subsidiaries such as the "TPS Language & Success Center" and "GH Group Consulting & Mediation", we are present through local offices in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and India. Our team, consisting of branch managers with many years of experience in recruiting and teachers who prepare our applicants for the required language level, are in constant communication with our head office in Berlin and are always working on solutions for our clients and applicants.

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Managing Director