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Solving The Shortage of Skilled Nursing Staff in Germany

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International Recruiting and Placement
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Solution to The Shortage

Bringing Qualified Nursing Staff Together with Healthcare Facilities

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH, is a leading recruitment agency in Berlin, specializing in the placement of qualified nursing staff. We contribute to solving the shortage of skilled nursing staff throughout Germany.

International Recruiting and Placement

Bridging Cultures and Languages for High Quality Care

Triangle Personnel Solutions offers you a holistic solution. From the selection of suitable applicants to the integration of foreign nursing staff into your team. We specialize in the recruitment of highly qualified nurses and trainees for the care sector, as we want to make our contribution to alleviating the shortage of skilled workers. Our focus is on connecting professionals from preferably non-EU countries (third countries) with healthcare and nursing facilities in Germany that are looking for qualified staff.


Dedicated Personnel Deployment

Access to Highly Qualified Nursing Staff

We offer our services to nursing homes, hospitals, nursing services, and care facilities throughout Germany that are in search of qualified nursing staff. With our personnel placement services in Berlin, you gain access to dedicated and excellently trained nursing professionals ready to make a difference in your institution. Thanks to our extensive network and experience in recruiting nursing staff, we are able to assist you in finding the right personnel for your facility.

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Targeted Acquisition

Our local teams (TPS Language & Success Center) in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and India regularly organize events on the topic of "Living and Working in Germany" in order to attract suitable candidates. We vermitteln:

  • Nursing Professionals (PFK) with and without recognition
  • Anesthesia Technical Assistants (ATA)
  • Surgical Technical Assistants (OTA)
  • Medical Technical Radiology Assistants (MTRA)
  • Training: Nursing Assistants
  • Training: Nursing Professionals (male/female)

In the subsequent interviews, interested parties can tell us their wishes regarding the federal state and preferred activities. Then we check and complete all the necessary documents required for a successful cooperation and subsequent placement.

Language Instruction

Next, our applicants will begin their free German language training* at our local TPS Language & Success Centers. Our experienced language teachers prepare all participants to reach the desired language level B2. This ensures that they can pass the exams at TELC/GOETHE/ÖSD/ECL and also actually communicate at the required language level. We also focus on technical language, which we believe is essential in the nursing sector in Germany.

*applies only to medical personnel to be placed

Job Interviews between Clients and Applicants

While the applicants are still in B1 language training, we enable them and our clients to exchange ideas in an online interview. Of course, the client also always has the option of getting to know the applicants directly in their home country.

Administrative Support

After the successful interview, the employment contract follows. In the case of nurses in recognition, we also organize the preparation course for the specialist knowledge test in the respective federal state of the sponsor with our cooperating nursing schools (if desired), whereby the costs can be covered by the education voucher.

Our Commitment to Every Applicant

Our mission is to support our clients on their journey to hiring professionally excellent and linguistically highly qualified nursing staff and to enable our applicants to realize their dream of living and working in Germany.

Win-Win for Everyone

The provision of qualified foreign professionals for the German job market continues to be a significant challenge. The main reasons for the resulting shortage of skilled workers are largely inadequate professional qualifications and the required language skills. Our mission is to contribute our part in closing this gap, by connecting our clients with the much-needed skilled professionals and helping our applicants fulfill their dream of working and living in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the queries below to find answers to common inquiries. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us through WhatsApp, Instagram, email at [email protected], or give us a direct call. We’re here to assist you with any additional questions you may have.

Employers must ensure that care workers have a recognized qualification and a valid work permit. The Skilled Immigration Act provides the legal framework for this.

Foreign professional qualifications are recognized by the competent recognition offices in the federal states. Information on this can be found on the "Recognition in Germany" portal.

At least B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is recommended for communication in a medical context.

Nurses require a national visa for entry for work purposes, which must be applied for at the German embassy or consulate in their country of origin.

Yes, there are funding programs such as the "MobiPro-EU" program and support from the Federal Employment Agency for the recruitment and integration of skilled workers from abroad.

Offers such as integration courses, intercultural training and language support are effective measures to support integration.

Employers' liability insurance associations offer information and support with regard to occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Yes, as an employer you are obliged to register your employees with the German social insurance institutions.

Some federal states and local authorities offer support and advice on finding accommodation for international professionals.

The Federal Foreign Office and the BAMF provide information on family reunification and the relevant visa requirements.

Intercultural training for teams can help to understand cultural differences and create a positive working environment.

The Federal Employment Agency and professional associations offer information on further training programs and funding opportunities.

Regular updates on legal changes in the area of labor migration are available from the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the BAMF.

Language courses and on-the-job training in cooperation with language schools or adult education centers are proven methods.

Nursing staff must have health insurance in Germany, either through statutory or private health insurance.

Professional experience can be taken into account in the recognition process and should be documented and translated.

Remuneration must comply with German minimum wage regulations and, if applicable, sector-specific collective agreements.

Intercultural skills training and open communication channels help to prevent conflicts.

The BAMF, the IHK and specialist lawyers for migration law offer advice on legal issues.

Leisure activities, sponsorship programs and involvement in local communities are important measures for social integration.

Partner with Us for Nursing Recruitment and Integration

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