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Code of Conduct of Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH specializes in the recruitment and direct placement of nursing professionals, including those without recognition, as well as medical-technical personnel. Our main competencies include language qualification in our own language schools in the country of origin (TPS Language and Success Center), the recruitment of specialists and trainees for hospitals, care facilities and medical care centers. In addition, we support our clients in the recruitment of trainees and skilled workers in the German trade sector.

As an international service company, we are aware of our comprehensive responsibility. This responsibility extends to our international subsidiaries, our customers and business partners alike. In order to live up to this responsibility, we need a common mission statement that serves as the basis for our actions. This Code of Conduct fulfills this function – it not only sets out the standards we demand of ourselves, but also serves as a public pledge. The Code of Conduct fulfills two fundamental tasks: It formulates the goals and principles for the corporate actions of Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH and at the same time encourages each individual employee to act on his or her own responsibility under clear guidance.


Our Code of Conduct applies uniformly to the Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH company. We are committed to further disseminating the principles set forth in the Code of Conduct. This code covers official matters within the company and all areas in which our employees act as representatives of the company.

Conduct in compliance with the law

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH is subject to the applicable laws, ordinances and comparable regulations in all areas of its business activities, whether at international, national or regional level. Our primary goal is to meet the requirements and to operate within the legal framework. We expect our employees to conduct themselves in compliance with the law as well. We will take all necessary measures to inform our employees about the regulations relevant to them and ensure that they are complied with.

External Behavior

General Principles

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH always conducts its business by legally and ethically sound means and expects the same from its employees. We attach great importance to the fact that our business partners and customers also observe this principle.

Fair Competition

The employees of Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH are committed to fairness in competition. Agreements or concerted practices with service providers that could significantly negatively influence, limit or distort competition are prohibited. All customer-relevant information, such as prices, costs, calculations and capacities or planning are treated confidentially.

Behavior Towards Applicants

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH has the express goal of informing and educating each applicant in a factual, transparent and legally compliant manner about their rights and obligations to Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH and potential customers. In this communication, Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH always focuses on the principle of respectful and sincere interaction with each applicant.

Behavior Towards Customers

Our primary concern is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by providing tailored and efficient services. This includes the continuous evaluation of our service offering. Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH is committed to ensuring transparent communication and smooth processing with each customer.


It is strictly forbidden for employees of Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH to request, accept, offer or grant personal favors within the scope of their professional duties that could even create the appearance of possible influence. Gifts and invitations may only be accepted or granted if they meet common standards, have a symbolic value, are of a small amount and cannot exert any influence on business decisions.


All trade and business secrets and confidential documents received by employees during the course of their work must be treated in strict confidence. It is prohibited to disclose this information to external parties or other employees. employees. This obligation to maintain confidentiality remains in force even after the end of the employment relationship.

Internal Behavior

Fair Working Conditions

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH stands for fair compensation. We ensure that all employees receive appropriate employment contracts and remuneration in accordance with our internal remuneration policy. We pay strict attention to compliance with labor laws and appropriate minimum wage regulations. Our employees are employed in accordance with the legal requirements for social security, taxes and accident insurance. We offer our employees maximum flexibility through the trust-based working time model.

Compliance with The Code of Conduct

All employees of Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH are required to act in accordance with these binding guidelines. It is desirable that the Code of Conduct be firmly be firmly anchored. Each manager has a specific responsibility and is responsible for ensuring that all employees in his or her area of responsibility understand and implement the Code of Conduct.

For any questions regarding interpretation of or compliance with the Code of Conduct, employees should first contact their supervisors or the relevant specialist department. It is guaranteed that no discrimination will occur if violations of the Code are reported or clarified are clarified.

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