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About TPS GmbH

Skilled Workforce For Germany

Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH specializes in recruiting and placing qualified healthcare & medical professionals, apprentices, and skilled workers from almost all fields, primarily from non-EU countries (third countries), for the German labor market. Our team, consisting of experts with extensive professional experience, guarantees competence, flexibility, and transparency in all stages of the placement process.

What We Do

Our Services

We are dedicated to providing various services to meet your individual needs. We specialize in identifying and recruiting qualified professionals from multiple industries, particularly healthcare, to ensure the perfect fit for your organization. We also offer language instruction to help applicants achieve their desired B2 language proficiency. We facilitate job interviews between clients and applicants, allowing them to connect and assess compatibility. Additionally, our team supports handling administrative tasks and navigating bureaucratic processes. Through our services, we strive to make the recruitment and placement journey seamless and successful for all involved.

Targeted Acquisition

Organized by our local offices (TPS Language & Success Center) in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and India, our recruitment team regularly organizes events on "Working and Living in Germany" to attract the candidates who are of interest to us specifically. Following that, we conduct interviews with the applicants and review and supplement all necessary documents for successful placement.

Ready Personnel

Language Instruction

As the next step, we initiate free German language instruction (applicable only to candidates being placed as caregivers) at our local TPS Language & Success Centers for our applicants. Our experienced language teachers prepare all participants to achieve the desired B2 language level. This ensures that they not only pass the exams at TELC/GOETHE/ÖSD/ECL but also effectively communicate at the required language proficiency.


Job Interviews between Clients and Applicants

While the applicant is still in B1 language instruction, we provide our clients and applicants with the opportunity to get acquainted through an online conversation. The client also has the option to meet the applicant in their home country personally. For this purpose, we invite our clients to the respective "applicant rounds."

Support in Administration & Bureaucracy

After a successful job interview, the employment contract follows for the recognized nursing staff (nursing assistants) / fully qualified professionals / trainees at one of our clients/institutions. In the case of recognized nursing staff, we also organize preparatory courses for the recognition exam in the respective federal state of the client, in collaboration with our partner nursing schools (if desired), with the costs covered by the educational voucher.

Our Commitment to Every Applicant

All qualification measures are free of charge for our applicants, such as language training up to level B2 in German, travel to the employer, application for the work visa, as well as the deficit notification. We are the contact persons for our applicants and clients/institutions for any questions and challenges, even long after the employment contract is signed. Our work is far from over once they arrive in Germany. Our on-site relocation team provides support to facilitate their professional and social integration. During and beyond the probationary period, we are a trusted contact and strive together to find solutions for all challenges.

Win-Win for Everyone

The provision of qualified foreign professionals for the German job market continues to be a significant challenge. The main reasons for the resulting shortage of skilled workers are largely inadequate professional qualifications and the required language skills. Our mission is to contribute our part in closing this gap, by connecting our clients with the much-needed skilled professionals and helping our applicants fulfill their dream of working and living in Germany.Contact Us

How We Do

Our Mission and Values

Founded in 2020, Triangle Personnel Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, is always one step ahead in this ever-changing world, thanks to its extensive experience. By specializing in the fields of “job placement,” “healthcare,” and “education,” the company has successfully achieved its goals without compromising its values and beliefs. TPS GmbH aims to adhere to international standards and values in all its activities to attain success on global platforms.

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Our Infrastructure

TPS, with its local offices, professional recruitment teams, and own language education schools currently in Albania, Ukraine, Turkey, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Hungary, supports those who want to live and work in Germany by taking over the preparation for the complete German administrative procedures including language education necessary for professional recognition.

Andreas Hauser, Managing Director