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HR Consulting

Personalized advice to help our clients get the best. Our experienced colleague in workforce management provides personal advice: assesses the conditions of your company, the structure of the staff, offers solutions, even for a continuous period of time.

Following the prior consultation, we are ready to provide our Customers with the following services:

  • Skills training
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Individual psychological examinations, mental/ability and aptitude tests

On request, we offer partial or full human resources support for small, medium and large companies as well.


Human Capital Rating:

  • Organizational planning and development
  • Career Planning
  • Planning targeted training
  • Formation of organizational values
  • Detecting disruptions in group work
  • Labor law consultancy / due diligence
  • Introducing and supporting a performance evaluation system
  • Introducing a customized cafeteria system
  • HR Controller
  • Working time frames
  • Company full support for human resources (exits, orientations, education, recruitment, downsizing, etc.)
  • Assessment and development centers


Labor Consulting:

Our Labor Law Advisory Department serves you in the following areas:

  • Employment and Management and study contracts, agreements
  • Termination of employment by mutual agreement
  • Drafting, concluding, amending, terminating and/or commenting on collective agreements
  • Labor law rules, monitoring changes
  • Employer and employee provisions
  • Employment and other relationships, including managerial level
  • Collective redundancies
  • Collective labor disputes
  • Conclusion of an operating agreement, the election of the chairman and members of the works council, and the commissioner
  • Licensing of domestic employment of foreign workers
  • Work outsourcing
  • Employment of occasional employee books
  • Labor disputes (labor law, labor consultation).


We pay special attention to advising on specific areas of law, (atypical forms of employment: temporary agency work, part-time work, teleworking, fixed-term employment, self-employment, employment, casual work, seasonal work).

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